2015 Recap

Wow you guys 2015 is over and what a year it's been. I took some big leaps this year and made some of my dreams happen. I was able to launch this business and take that big step into the unknown. I shot a bunch of family shoots, engagement shoots and had my first official weddings as well as my first travel wedding. 

Let me tell you guys that the risk of failure is always worth it when your pursuing a dream. I'm so ready to jump all in to 2016. I know that there are so many good things ahead. I also have so much love and thankfulness for my husband. He has been right by my side this whole time, he's my biggest fan, supporter and friend. 

I also wanted to say a HUGE MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supports me and to all my clients (more like friends) who have taken a risk on me. I can't thank you all enough for believing in me. Seriously you guys, it means everything to me.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots of 2015 with you all...

Here's to loads of growth in 2016!

Emily RamirezComment